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Monitoring Kids’ Browsing History is an Absolute Essential


As a parent, you have to realize that the internet is not a safe place anymore, especially for children. There are a lot of threats that lurk online, and the only way you can save your kids from them is by installing monitoring solution like Mobistealth on their devices. It may seem like an invasion of privacy, which it may very well be, but you have to look at the bigger picture here and see how it can help your children. Just by keeping an eye on their browsing activity, you can keep them safe from a lot of digital dangers, two of which have been outlined below.

Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is a serious issue and is spreading like wildfire in the modern day as children are granted smartphone privileges and thus internet access at a fairly young age. More often than not, they use it to see stuff that’s not appropriate for them. Soon, this casual viewing turns into an addiction which of course has a huge effect on their psychological growth and well-being. It is your responsibility as a parent to stop that from happening, and the only way you can accomplish that is by seeking help from a monitoring solution like Mobistealth. This tool allows you to keep tabs on your children’s online activities, which means that you’ll be able to monitor their web history. You can see each and every website being visited by your children, and if you see them going to a certain suspicious-looking domain more often than not, then you should check it out. If that particular website is related to porn in any way, then you should intervene and explain to your kids how such content can prove to be harmful for them.

Excessive Use of Social Networks

Children have to focus on their studies, but while social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are around, it can be difficult for them to do so. They may pretend to be focusing on their studies, but in reality, they may just be using internet to check on the latest updates in their online social lives. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the excessive use of these networks can prove to be quite harmful. Focusing on studies is pretty important and if your children are not doing that, then they could suffer life-long consequences, and you will only have yourself to blame because you could have stopped it. If you have tool like Mobistealth available, then there’s just no excuse for letting your kids waste time on social media when they should be studying. With Mobistealth’s web browser logging, you’ll be able to know what they’re doing on the internet, and if you see them going to social networking sites excessively, then you can step in right away and stop them from doing so. If you continue to ignore this for too long, then their performance at school will suffer and you as parents would definitely not want that.