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Monitoring Employees’ Emails Can Save Your Business


Workplace computers contain some really sensitive information which you just can’t risk getting exposed. Previously, the only threat to that information was from employees as any one of them could go rogue and share the confidential information in their knowledge with a third party, perhaps a competitor. However, now there is more than one way to get sensitive information out of a computer, and one of those ways is through emails. Yes, you heard that right. Emails aren’t safe anymore. Some of the ways through which emails can prove to be harmful for you and your business have been outlined below.

Malware Threat

First on the list of course is malware threat. It has been well documented over the years, but no one really pays much attention to it in the workplace. Employees open each and every email that is sent to them and click on the links or attachments in it without giving it a second thought. This invites malware into their computer, allowing the hacker controlling the malware to roam around freely. They are then free to gain access to all the files and company’s secrets. If you’re lucky, the hackers would just trade the secrets with cash, but if you are out of luck, then you could be in some serious trouble as the hacker might leak that information for everyone to see or they might sell out your secret information to your biggest competitors. Neither you nor your employees would have any idea about what’s happening and why it happened, so you will have no one to blame for this fiasco. Knowing that, it is recommended that you keep tabs on employees’ email accounts so that you can see if any of them have received a harmful email, and if they’ve carelessly opened them.

Data Leakage

It has become easier than ever for employees to secretly leak sensitive information present on their computers or the workplace server to a third party in return for cash. Chances of getting caught are slim because most employees are concentrating on their own computer screens to bother about what someone else is doing. Employee monitoring tools with the capability to monitor emails of employees plays a huge role in mitigating this risk and identifying the culprits.


If you’re running a company that is somewhat related to politics, then you are very much likely to get hacked through emails by some hacktivists. These activists can’t really do anything to you upfront, but from behind the keyboard, they’re pretty vigilant. Through different disguised emails, they can insert spy software into your office computers. This gives them access to all the data present on office computers and quite possibly the workplace server. They can use the stolen information against you at every chance they get. This threat is very much real and if you’re running an organization where you think you could become a victim of an attack, then you should take security measures and install monitoring solution on all of workplace computers.


Spam is another issue that has been used worldwide. Previously, email service providers filtered out spam emails, saving you the trouble, but now there are software available that allow people to bypass spam filters and go straight to inbox. Checking email is a habit of people and they usually open them without checking who sent them. If they were in spam folder, they would’ve been slightly more cautious, but the email comes right in the Inbox, which makes it hard to differentiate. Hackers use this confusion to their advantage and spread malware through these spam emails. Deploying a monitoring app would certainly discourage employees to be more vigilant.