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Monitoring Apps and Trust: The Two Sure Can Co-Exist


Monitoring apps normally have a negative connotation attached to them. If parents are looking to keep tabs on their children’s online activities, then they feel their parents don’t trust them. Similarly, when an employer talks about deploying a monitoring solution in the workplace, employees are gripped by a strong sense of trust deficit.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Monitoring is not necessarily spying and it definitely does not have to be carried out at the expense of trust. Monitoring apps and trust can co-exist, but it can only be accomplished through mutual efforts of both the parties.

It’s Done for Their Own Good

As a parent or an employer, you have to assure the other party that you are not deploying monitoring solutions because you don’t trust them, but rather you’re doing it for their own good.

Monitoring tools have a lot of benefits. They can log messages, calls, emails, browsing history, instant messaging apps, locations, and so much more. All of these features help in one way or another and quite frankly, this kind of monitoring is needed in modern day. There are benefits for both the employees and children. They may not see it like that, but they can gain a lot from it.

This brings us back to our main point, they are not going to like the idea of being monitored, but if you explain how helpful it can be, then that may change their mind.

Helpful for Employees

The presence of electronic surveillance tools in the workplace benefits employees as it serves to highlight their level of commitment to their duties and tasks. This basically means that people who work hard are able to actually receive credit for their work.

Not a lot of employees are talkative type or boast about their achievements. Monitoring apps give them a chance to shine as well.

You could put in a policy that people who you working hard will be rewarded in different ways. The positive feedback and rewarding system would certainly help in encouraging lazy or laid back employees to put in some work as well.

Helpful for Children

When it comes to kids, you need to convince them that you are monitoring their digital activities only because you’re concerned about their online safety. Educate them on the many pitfalls of cyber space and tell them that the dangers that they’re up against are relentless and merciless in nature.

Scaring kids of the demons prowling the web isn’t going to help unless the former are willing to let you help them. Therefore, it is important to take them onboard and treat them as part of the counter-threat team instead of potential victims who’re incapable of defending themselves. Instill confidence in them, but at the same time tell them that it’s better to be safe than sorry, which is why you’ll be watching from a distance. This way you’ll be able to jump right in the moment they need your help.

Such an approach would certainly allow you to benefit from the services of a monitoring app without making your employees or kids feel that you lack trust in them.