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Mobistealth: Social Media Monitoring Done Right


Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, LINE, and Viber are being used worldwide. They have become go-to platforms for people of all ages, and their popularity only seems to be growing with time. We all use these tools, but today’s younger generation in particular uses them far more frequently – so much so that most of their communication takes place through them. Although that’s fine, the problem arises when parents are unable to see what kind of exchanges their children are doing through these platforms. They could be sharing adult videos, inappropriate pictures, using bad language, talking to a predator, victim of cyberbullying, sexting, etc. These are serious problems that plague the digital space these days, and the only way to fight them is by keeping an eye on the messaging platforms. A large number of apps offer social media monitoring but they rarely work. However, Mobistealth mobile monitoring app is an exception to that as it works quite flawlessly. This app is awesome and it is just what you need as a parent to keep tabs on your kids’ social media activity. Here’s how it can ensure safety of your kids from social media troubles.

Bad Language

You don’t want your kid to use bad language, and you perhaps try your best to avoid its usage at home. However, one thing you can’t do is control what happens outside of your house. Your children come in contact with all sorts of people and they can learn bad language from them. They might refrain from using such language in front of you, but when talking to their friends through messaging platforms, they may not hold back. This is where Mobistealth can prove to be a big help. It comes with a social media monitoring feature that enables you to keep an eye on all the incoming and outgoing messages. This means that you get to know about the language your kids are using immediately.

Online Predators

Predators are always on the hunt for complacent kids, and your kid could become their next victim. You can stop this from happening by installing Mobistealth on your kids’ phone. This app will provide information about each and every person in the contact list and will allow you to read the messages sent and received through Kik, Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, and Viber. If you see some shady character talking to your kid, then intervene right away.


If your kid is being cyberbullied, then they would surely be receiving threatening messages, images, or videos through social networking platform. Kids don’t like to admit that they are being bullied because they fear that it will make them look weak or make the situation even worse. However, if you have Mobistealth installed on their smartphones, then you won’t have to worry about being kept in the dark because all the evidence will be provided to you upfront. If you see someone talking trash, then go to their parents and school management so that particular child can be dealt with before they can do any serious damage.


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