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Why Mac is better than Windows PC


What is better, a Mac or a Windows PC? This argument has been going since Mac was first brought to light. There have been people who are inclined towards Mac despite its higher costs, and then there are people who only go for Windows even if they are able to afford Mac. Now there are a lot of factors that go into making this decision which may lean one way or another. However, in this article we will only talk about general public and how they will be able to enjoy their time with Mac more than they ever would with PC.

Better Customer Satisfaction

All the people who have opted for Mac over Windows have appreciated the results they received. The Mac users’ satisfaction was higher than Windows because most of the stuff that is necessary for the users comes pre-installed. People who are not too knowledgeable have to make do with whatever is on their computer and when it comes to Windows, not a lot of good software are available, which obviously affects the overall experience of the consumers. This is where Mac shines the most as it comes with all the necessary applications which are working in perfect condition, hence enhancing the user experience. Due to this reason, Apple Macs have been getting better reviews as compared to Windows PC since coming into existence.

Better Security

Apple has been known for its security and for the right reasons. Macs are almost impenetrable as there rarely have been any incidents where malware managed to breach Apple’s security. On the other hand, Windows doesn’t have a good history with security. Its security has been breached a lot of times, which is why people have to opt for third party anti-malware software just to keep their data safe and secure.


Apple has always kept Mac OS based around trackpad, which makes the use of Macs a lot faster and smoother. Once the user gets hang of the controls, they are able to use trackpad to its full potential. It’s one of the best features available on Mac and even the users of Windows have to acknowledge how effective trackpad actually is.

Good Value

Both the hardware and software of Mac is top notch. Apple products have always been labeled expensive, but this higher price comes with a higher reward. The tech giants include only the best quality hardware into Macs that make the product long lasting and reliable. The same unfortunately can’t be said about Windows. You can do the search now and you will find that a large number of people started encountering issues as soon as they began using Windows. As mentioned above, not all people using computers are experienced, which is why they want all the major stuff to already be present in the operating system. Apple knows this and includes all software necessary beforehand whereas when using Windows, users have to opt for a large number of third-party software to get the best experience or even get things working.