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Location Tracking Can Now be Done Through SMS


GPS location tracking has been around for a while, and it has been working quite well. Parents have been using it to keep tabs on their children. Employers also made use of this feature to keep an eye on their employees when they’re off workplace premises. As good as this feature is, it is very limited, which is why it needs a replacement. Fortunately, some developers have found another way of keeping tabs on someone’s location which is called SMS location tracking.

These solutions are in the form of Android spy software that are meant to provide you information about the person using target phone and you can use that information to protect them along with knowing where they are. Especially for the parents, it is very important to know where their kids went if they haven’t reached home yet, and same is the case with the elders of a family. You can also use Mobistealth if you want to learn how to track a cell phone location without installing software.

What is SMS Location Tracking?

SMS location tracking is exactly what it sounds. When someone sends or receives a text message, their location pops up on the map, hence giving you their exact location. GPS location tracking was effective, but this is even better, especially taking into consideration the amount of communication that takes place through SMS these days. You can use these tracking features from good iPhone spy software, Mobistealth that can help you know the location of other person easily. Learn how to track a cell phone location without installing software on the device by using Mobistealth.

How Can It Help Parents?

Parents use monitoring tools to keep an eye on their children. They don’t want them to be at places where they shouldn’t be and to ensure that they seek help from location tracking apps. However, most of the monitoring apps these days only offer GPS location tracking and that can be extremely limited. Things, however, take a turn for the better when you bring SMS location tracking into the mix.

Parents can just send a message to their kids and their location will pop up on the map. This way, parents will be able to know where their kids are at all times pretty easily. Moreover, this procedure is hassle-free because there aren’t any complicated processes happening in the background. Parents just send a text message to their child and it reveals their location – it just couldn’t get simpler than that.

There are also other possible ways through the use Android spy and tracking apps that can help you figure out where they are along with knowing their activities. You can do a lot with the use of these iPhone spy software. And this way, you can protect your kids from the online and physical threats as well.

How Can It Help Employers?

Some businesses require their employees to leave workplace premises on regular basis. Sales and delivery people spend most of their time outside of the workplace. To keep tabs on these employees, employers seek help from location tracking apps. Due to always moving nature of these jobs, it’s hard to keep track of them using only GPS tracking. This is where SMS location tracking comes in handy. Anytime the employer wants to know the location of their employees, they just have to send them an SMS and their location will be revealed.

SMS location tracking done through Android spy software can prove to be very helpful when you want to know where your employees are when they are supposed be at work, and where did your shipment go if not at at the right place.

It’s about time we try something different for location tracking. Children and employees had found multiple ways to hide from GPS tracking and it hadn’t remained as effective as it was in the beginning. With SMS location tracking, the control is transferred back to employers and parents, as they now hold the power to reveal location whenever they please. GPS tracking along with SMS tracking is available in very few apps at the moment, but they’re definitely worth it.