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Everything you Need to Know about iPhone Monitoring Apps


Not too long ago, iPhone Spy apps used to be frowned upon, but now they have become a norm, even a necessity for some people. Parents use them to keep an eye on their children’s digital activities, whereas employers use these apps to keep tabs on their employees. Now, everyone wants to learn about how to track an iPhone by phone number for several purposes. Along with spying, you need to know where your phone is when you lost it, and sometimes, the same app can allow you to monitor it as well.

iPhone spy apps market has started to grow and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. Most of the apps in this category include more or less the same features, have almost similar limitations, and face identical legal issues. We have shed some light on all three of these contours.


As mentioned above, most of the spy apps boast almost the same features. They allow you to keep tabs on someone else’s call log, contacts, social networks, conversations, browsing history, and more. Spy apps are meant to spy on other people, and they do their job rather well. Parents use these apps a lot because nowadays children like to spend most of their time on their digital gadgets and don’t like to share much about themselves with their elders. This is where spy app comes in handy as it helps parents know exactly what their kids are up to or going through.

Employers have also taken quite a liking to spy apps and have installed them in their workplaces. This allows them to keep an eye on their employees’ smartphone activity and if someone wastes too much of their time or is involved in activities that are harmful to the company, they are then dealt with accordingly.

Monitoring and spying has become crucial in many cases and it is important to know what your kids, employees, or loved ones are doing on the phone and how can you protect them from any harm that they can cause to themselves or you. That’s why the use of iPhone spying apps has become so common and people want to learn more about how to track an iPhone by phone number to make their lives easier.


Most apps in the spy category require you to jailbreak your iPhone, which of course is not feasible for a large number of people. Fortunately, there are some spy apps like Mobistealth that have allowed installation on non-jailbreak iPhones. This is a huge help because previously users had to violate warranty on their iPhones just because of a single app. That however is no longer the case. More and more companies are now working towards making non-jailbreak solutions, but as of now, there are a very few ones available in this category. Another major problem is that almost all of the spy apps have to be installed on the target’s phone physically. This means that you first have to gain access to your target’s phone and then download the spy app to monitor them. However, certain apps have found a way around it as well.

Still, Mobistealth is one such spying and monitoring app that is available in the market that doesn’t give any limitations when it is about to work. You can use it freely as you like without giving much of an input. Along with it, it makes it easier for you to know how to track an iPhone by phone number so that you can keep an eye on your loved loves especially your children when they are not at the place they are supposed to be.


Spy apps are tools for spying and if you are thinking of getting one, then be sure to tell the other person that you are going to keep an eye on them through an app. If you don’t tell them about it beforehand and they find out about it some other way, then they can sue you. Parents have to tell their children if they are keeping an eye on them, and employers have to inform their employees about spy apps. Not telling them can get you in a whole world of trouble, so it’s better not to take the risk of being risky and instead just play it safe.

Informing your kids or employees about monitoring them should be a part of the strategy. It is to make sure that they know that you are aware of their actions and they need to be careful with what they are doing with their smartphones. This transparency can nourish better relationship.