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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Botnet


Malware have been around for quite some time, but the ones that are mostly talked about are viruses. What the users don’t realize is that there are a ton of other malware threats on the web that can really affect the performance of their computer if they aren’t exercising due caution. One of the biggest nuisance hackers have come up with is called botnet. This term has been used quite often, but there aren’t many people who actually know what this threat actually is and why they should be wary of it. This is where we step in as we have provided details regarding its usage or misusages, how it can affect your PC, and how can you shield yourself from it.

What exactly is a Bot?

Well, it’s a malware which is bad news in all regards. After making its way on to your PC, the bot allows hackers to take control of your computer. These bots are never alone as they are made up of different ‘web robots’ which are collectively called botnet, and they are widespread in the computers all over the world. As mentioned above, bots give control of your computer to their masters, who then can do whatever they want with it. These bots can slow down the computer, display strange messages, and might even cause system to crash from time to time. If your PC is suffering from any of mentioned problems then chances are that it is being controlled by a bot.

How Do Bots Work?

Now that we have developed an understanding of what exactly bots are, it’s time to know how they actually work. Bots are often spread on the internet where they keep looking for vulnerable computers. If they do manage to find one, they sneak on to it and start to cause havoc. You may start to receive constant spam emails, and even get all sorts of spyware and viruses. Things can get even uglier for you if the hackers really dig deep. They can get access to your bank credentials that include credit card numbers and other personal information. These bots can also launch Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against any target they set their sight on. The victim then receives ransom mails from the hackers, asking them for money in exchange for stopping these attacks.

How to Protect Against Bots?

The dangers of bots are countless and if you have not taken any precautions, then you might also become victim to the problems mentioned above. The best way to avoid bots is by installing antivirus software. There are a lot of good ones available, but most of them will cost you a bit. However, it is better to pay for better services rather than completely losing control of your computer to a hacker. Secondly, always search about the programs and software that you download off the web. Users often get careless on the internet and download anything that seems attractive to them. This makes the job of hackers a whole lot easier as they can just sneak bots onto your computers through certain software. Finally, don’t open unknown links. If you receive a link through social networking sites or emails, search about them, and if you don’t find any confirmation on them being safe, then chances are these links are carrying some sort of malware.