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A New Hacker Drone Allows Network Hacking From Afar


Technological advancements have made our lives a whole lot easier, as we can now do most of our tasks with ease. However, this advancement has also brought a new breed of hackers. Although not all of them are bad, most of them certainly are as they are always looking for ways to invade other people’s privacy. Just when we thought we had reached the pinnacle of hacking and have found effective ways to be safe, a new hacker drone has been introduced. This new drone will allow users to hack into other people’s network without them even knowing about it.

Who Created It?

This new gadget was presented by Aerial Assault’s David Jordan at Def Con gathering where a large group of hackers gather in order to see what the future holds for them. There have been drones in the past that were capable of performing this task, but the hackers needed to modify them. However, this new drone comes equipped with all the hardware and software needed to carry out the deed.

How Does It Work?

Upon reaching the desired area, this drone will scan for weaknesses in networks and will let the user know if it finds one. This will allow user to hack into the network without even worrying about a thing. The hacker will have all the time in the world because nobody is going to suspect that a drone is behind the network problems. This is an amazing gadget for the hackers, and a huge nuisance for the regular internet users.


Hackers at Def Con were pretty excited about this new drone as they said that it has a lot of potential, and can prove to be a big help for the hackers. With all the pre-requisites present in the device, the hackers will not have much to modify, which makes it a must-buy for anyone in the same field.

How Much Does It Cost?

No final price for hacker drone was provided at the conference, but Jordan did reveal that it will be priced around $2500 each. However, as mentioned before, this is not the final price and may change as we draw close to the release.

When Does It Release?

No official release date has been provided for the hacker drone just yet, but now that the cat is out of the bag, you can expect Aerial Assault to reveal more about it in the near future.


A creation like this comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. If the hackers use this drone to hack into the network of terrorist organizations or some other criminals, then that of course will be a huge help. However, we all know that there will plenty of hackers who will be abusing this technology for breaking into systems to steal cash and commit other crimes.