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Alarming Facebook Misuse Stats


Facebook is booming and business has never been better for the social media giant. However, it’s proliferation in the last few years has resulted in some unintended and unwanted consequences. The alarming numbers on Facebook are on the rise and further climbing. Be it a teen or an employee – effort is needed to ensure that the damaging impact of Facebook is contained and curbed – this is where tools such as the Facebook spy come in. Teens can end up being a victim of Facebook depression just like employees can end up getting their firm into trouble by posting a rant online. Parents can lose their teens in a forest of problems associated with the social media giant and employers can get caught in a great storm by ignoring the same.

It is easy for kids and teens to become addicted to Facebook use just like they can become addicted to any other thing. Facebook addiction is just as bad as any other addiction so parents need to make sure they do not let their kids become addicted to this social media platform.

Facebook allows kids to interact with their friends, watch videos, play games, and post stuff about their lives. However, it can also expose kids to damaging, pornographic, and violent content on the platform. If you do not want your kids to become addicted to Facebook and come across harmful online dangers then you need to hack Android phone remotely of your kid to see what they have been doing.

Similarly, you can also install a monitoring app on your employee’s device to see whether or not they are not wasting time on Facebook chatting with their friends, playing games, or watching videos on the platform.

Mobistealth is the best monitoring app to track your kids and employees’ Facebook activity. You can see what posts they are uploading, who they are chatting with, and what sort of conversations they are having with others on the social media platform.

Facebook can be harmful for both kids and employees so you need to make sure it doesn’t become an addiction.

So you think Facebook is as damaging as we do?

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