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How Are People Misusing Facebook These Days?

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Social media has brought a source of entertainment for the youth and kids as well. They enjoy their time there and they can never get tired of it. But at the same time, where they are enjoying the entertainment of these social media platforms, they are at equal risk of being attracted to their beauty and being trapped in the dangers that come with it. The same goes for the adults as well, but adults know how to deal with such platforms and how to be vigilant all the time. So, should parents trust their kids with the unsupervised use of the internet all the time? Especially when they are using Facebook for most of their time? 


Facebook monitoring is not a new concept it has been there many times now. Many parents are pursuing the use of the spy phone apps while other parents still think that such things are of no use and their kids should be given a free hand. Parents know better about their kids, but if you look around and watch the news, you will be surprised about the capability of the kids and what sort of surprises are they giving to their parents using social media only. You can never know what your kids are capable of until they are allowed to express themselves. So, if you think that your kids are innocent and that they will never do something wrong, just look around and see what is happening in the world. 


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What is The Misuse of Facebook?

Facebook can be misused in several ways as it is a public platform used by millions of people. There are all sorts of people on Facebook who are using it for different purposes such as sharing information, sharing their personal life, expressing their emotions, and whatnot. Where light activities like these cannot harm anyone on Facebook, other things are happening there. Moreover, your kid might not be mature enough to understand the limitations associated with the use of Facebook. So, let’s take a look at the most common sort of misuses of Facebook:


Making Everything Public

You might have seen some accounts on Facebook that are private and you cannot see their information without making any connection. That is how private information should be. No one should be allowed to access that information easily and use it for any purpose that they wish. Many illegal activities are being done on the internet using very basic information that is made public on several accounts. This should be taught to the kids. 


Sharing Too Much

Kids are usually at the time of their life when they want to escape from their homes, find new friends, pour their hearts out, and feel good. This is why they insist on using social media platforms and this is what they do there. They make new friends, share their emotions and real-life scenarios, and try to get as much attention as they can get. Not only does this invite the wrong sort of people to use such information, but also it makes the person most vulnerable and easy to access. 



Another wrong sort of use of Facebook is the predation of young kids. There are people over there who are looking for innocent kids to make their friends and share too much personal information. Once they earn the trust and they are ready to blackmail the other person, they do as much they can to get access to the homes of these kids to fulfill their purpose. These predators are everywhere on the internet looking for innocent kids to show up and earn their trust. 



Cyberbullying is one of those things that have been on the top of the news lately. You can see the kids taking their rivalry to the next level when they join social media. They humiliate each other by sharing stuff in public and things can go intense easily. Some kids can handle the intensity of such things but some cannot. You will see the news flooded with the cases where kids tried to harm themselves and some even got successful because of the humiliation they faced online. So, things like these are happening Facebook that are harming our kids. 


Facebook Monitoring

Facebook monitoring is essential if you have younger kids who are new to Facebook but are eager to enjoy their life as much as they can. They should be allowed to enjoy things but at the same time, you should keep an eye on them too, to make sure they are out of trouble. Mobistealth is the best monitoring tool that can help you take care of your kids at your best. You can make sure that they are enjoying their best and not being trapped in any sort of danger. 



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