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Facebook Goes Anonymous


Facebook is about to roll out a new app that stays entirely anonymous and is sort of privacy friendly – however, that’s not the main reason why it seems so great. Online bullies, trolls and spammers have a field day through apps that allow people to stay anonymous. Once blocked they just make another account all over again and continue on with their abuse. But it doesn’t seem like Facebook is planning on leaving any room or leverage for trolls with its new app.

How It Works

While the users that a troll interacts with will never know who is sitting behind the ID, Facebook will. And while those users can’t stop a troll or abuser from creating another login and harassing them all over again, Facebook can and will.

This is a fresh start for Facebook that has lost all respect that it had originality gained because it allowed people to keep their things private. Anonymous apps are gaining momentum because they let people do what they want without having to fear the consequences. So Facebook is sort of giving privacy back to the people that really want it, but it is making sure that it doesn’t let homophobic, sexist, racist, and otherwise unpleasant people find any margin through which they can continue harassing people.

Great Step Forward?

Facebook has been cracking down on fake profiles for a while now for both privacy and security concerns, and also to minimize online abuse. With this app it helps give back some space to those who don’t use fake profiles to harm anyone but need to because of their own privacy and safety. With the NSA on everyone’s tails and hackers and spammers stealing identities all over the place, this seems like it’s heaven sent.

Can Facebook Be Trusted?

And therein lies the rub. While the concept and idea behind the app seems remarkable and amazing, it is coming from Facebook. Facebook that has been messing with privacy settings and making our profiles more public without our wanting it for years now. The tech firm has also been known to cooperate with government authorities and sending over personal data, it has additionally been known to shut down human rights groups in oppressive countries when it receives official requests to do so. Who’s to say that anonymity that it is promising its users’ won’t blow up in their faces.

Facebook’s new app could be a great move for people who have a lot to say but aren’t sure of whether they should say it. People in countries with strict censorship laws, or people in danger because of their views could benefit greatly from this kind of an app. However, a stalker or a child molester who is being vile online would not be able to reap the benefits of privacy. People might not know who you are but Facebook always will. That alone should make this a great app for people to want and use. But it is never that simple, especially not when it’s Facebook.


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