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Keep an Eye on Instant Messaging Apps with Mobistealth


Monitoring solutions have been around for quite a while, but Mobistealth has taken a step in the right direction as it now allows you to keep tabs on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik, and others. Parents want to keep their children safe from all kinds of threats and they can’t do that with limited information. Regular text messages are slowly going out of the picture and most of the kids nowadays don’t even bother with them. They use instant messaging apps because they offer much more. Seeing this new trend, Mobistealth has made it possible for the parents to keep an eye on their children’s conversations that take place through instant messaging apps. How it can help parents protect their kids from online threats has been explained.

Content of the Conversations

The regular text messages don’t have much room for improvement. They function the same way they did initially and that got boring for the children. However, instant messaging apps offer them the ability to share stuff with each, with added animations and emojis. Due to these features, kids become attracted to such tools and use them extensively. With Mobistealth, parents can see the content that is being shared and if they see that their kids are exchanging vulgar words or somewhat explicit videos, then they can intervene right away. This kind of sharing is quite common amongst the young children, and when no one is there to stop them, it becomes a habit. However, with Mobistealth at your disposal, you will be able to save your kids from this atrocity with ease.

Stop Them from Drug Usage

Drugs amongst children have become a regular thing now. They are readily available and all the kids have to do to get them is to send a message to their dealer. The ratio of drug usage amongst tweens and teens has increased by a large margin during the last few years and in order to stop them, you as a parent will need something like Mobistealth. With their ability to keep an eye on instant messaging apps, you will be able to see if there is any discussion about drug usage by them or by their friends.

If any of your kids’ friends are urging them to try out a drug or if your children are already involved with a drug dealer, then that’s your clue to intervene. You can’t wait here and let things play out. Drug usage is a huge problem and can lead to drug addiction. This is why you have to stop it as soon as you find out about it. Your kids will not like it at first, but soon they will understand why you’re doing it and how they could’ve proved to be harmful. Drug abuse is a huge concern for the young children these days and the only way to avoid it is by keeping an eye the people that your children are in contact with and the best way to accomplish that is Mobistealth.


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