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An Employer’s Guide to Deal with Digital Woes in the Workplace


As a business owner or someone who’s in-charge of extracting efficiency and results from the workforce, you probably find yourself with limited options as far as tackling the pitfalls of internet and web-connected devices in the workplace are concerned. Some of these options may not rank very well on a morality scale, but when it comes to protecting business interests, morality often becomes insignificant.

If you’re wondering about what kind of options we’re talking about, we’re all set to end the suspense and lay them down in front of you.

Deployment of Monitoring Software

This particular option has been gaining a lot of traction lately due to its effectiveness, reliability, and convenience. Electronic monitoring of employees’ digital communications and online activities may not be the most ideal policy to enact, but it certainly has become a necessary one to discourage the excessive use of internet and cell phones during work hours. By installing a monitoring software on every computer and cell phone in the workplace, you will effectively let everyone know that you’re always watching them. All it may take is a few punishments or maybe one or two firings to let the employees know that you’re in no mood to tolerate excessive use of internet and web-connected devices in the workplace.

Limiting Internet Access

Another option that you may consider putting into action is that of internet restrictions. Since employees fond of wasting their time online mostly spend their time on social networking, video streaming, or online shopping websites, you can easily put an end to this by simply blocking such websites. With the distractions blocked, they’re likely to start spending more time on the assigned tasks than keeping themselves busy on non-work activities. Of course, they won’t be too happy with it, but since you’re probably more interested in doing what’s best for your business, there’s no need to worry too much about their reaction.

Introduction of Strict Cell Phone Usage Policy

This is yet another option that your workforce is not going to be too pleased with, but since it can prove immensely beneficial to the productivity levels in your workplace, you might be better off with enacting it anyway. Strict cell phone usage policy doesn’t mean that you impose a ban on cell phones at work. It simply means that there would be certain rules and conditions to which your employees will need to comply if they wish to use their cell phone and not get in trouble for it. This includes avoiding excessive personal calls, text messaging, web surfing, and chats during work hours. Violators of these policies should be dealt with sternly so that no one gets the impression that the company isn’t serious about the cell phone usage policy.