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How to Keep Your Cell Phone Secure


Our smart phones are more or less extensions of us. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the average phone knows more about a person than any actual human being that holds them near and dear. From work schedules to the places they like to frequent for food to the beaches they went for a vacation to – everything in on our smart phones. We can’t live without them in the new era, the digital world is not going away anytime sooner. But with that is the constant fear of a threat or too looming over our heads. There isn’t any platform that doesn’t come under fire for malware or security issues. Android reigns supreme since it is compromised the most, but the rest of them aren’t infallible either. You want better security? Start with yourself.

  • Keep GPS tracking on. If you have a find your phone option then keep it enabled, if not then purchase a service that can do it for you. In times where you may lose your phone or if it’s stolen you can simply find it if you have options like these set in place.
  • Always use a password or a pin for your phone. Do not leave it to the mercy of someone who might find it and then walk into all your data. iPhones even have fingerprint scanners now – make sure that you are using them, they were created for a reason (and it wasn’t to tell the government, honestly).
  • Avoid automatic connections to any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks. Both can spell trouble, and in many cases the phone will find a connection and plug itself in without a care. The phone can’t tell a good connection from a bad one it can only tell that a connection is available. So you are the one that has to be more careful about this.
  • Passwords to sensitive information on your phone, such as your financial details, should always be really strong and they should be routinely changed so that you do not end up getting yourself compromised. If you can’t build good passwords then use a password generator but make sure that your main point of access isn’t that easy to crack for people who might get their hands on it.
  • Invest in apps that can keep your phone secure. Mobile crimes have taken a turn for the worst this year. And having extra protection only helps in ensuring that you don’t end up in hot waters. Be it malware or a hacker, a nice little security app can actually help you stay safe and keep you out of most problems.

At the end of the day you can actually keep the damage down just by being a bit more careful of how you use your phone. Your smart phone has all of your life on it, and since you can’t exactly turn into a hermit and stop using it, use it in a more sensible and careful manner.