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BlackBerry 10 Devices Not Safe From Bugs


BlackBerry has built a reputation for being one of the most squeaky clean platforms around. That is one of the reason that we were most likely never see a collaboration between BlackBerry and Android. However, it seems like even BlackBerry isn’t completely infallible. A new kind of bug is putting at risk all BlackBerry 10 devices which can actually let malicious apps in.

The first time we ever heard about BlackBerry being penetrated and got worried was when the NSA seemed to have cracked the code. But beyond that not many really bothered worrying about malware when BlackBerry was involved because it literally is the best option around when it comes to security. With the current threat a hacker could actually tap into users’ traffic to and from the app store from BlackBerry world. By tapping into the traffic the hacker could then install malware onto the device of their choosing.

Some Good Some Bad

The good news is that because we are talking about BlackBerry there’s already a patch to fix the vulnerability. The disturbing news, however, is two pronged. For starters, users who do not keep a check on the updates this could prove disastrous. Additionally, and more importantly, the malware and the fact that BlackBerry even needed this patch says volumes about its ability to handle malware.

This vulnerability signified how there is a flaw in the integrity checking system that the tech giant implements to ensure that the verification of apps that are being downloaded goes on smoothly. If an attacker could get into that process than that should send several alarm bells ringing. This also signifies the rate at which malware itself is evolving. It is becoming more complex, harder to find, and even harder to crack with each passing day.

What Happens Next

So far BlackBerry says that only its BlackBerry 10 devices can be cracked, but it wouldn’t be surprising if someone eventually found a way to crack others as well. Users have been told to upgrade their World app (which is the primary source of the problem) on an immediate basis.

“A vulnerability exists in the BlackBerry World service’s download mechanism, which is used by the BlackBerry World app on affected BlackBerry 10 smartphones. BlackBerry World allows you to search for and download apps for your BlackBerry device. BlackBerry World employs application integrity checking and secure download methods to ensure that the correct app is downloaded and installed,” the BlackBerry advisory says. “In some cases, a weakness in these methods could allow an attacker, through a man-in-the-middle attack, to intercept a user’s BlackBerry World application download and, as a result, install malware on the device. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could potentially result in an attacker gaining access to any data or settings that are accessible through the permissions that the user accepted when installing the malicious app.”

To stay safe people will need to realize that even BlackBerry is fair game now. And as it loses market share with each passing day we don’t really have to think twice about whether it can continue to hold the fort.