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Should Apple’s Recent Security Mishaps Concern Organizations?


Apple might not have the user-base as huge as that of Windows, but one thing is for certain, it really trumps Microsoft in terms of security. The maker of iOS has always been a safe haven for the users as they have been able to operate without any serious security issues. However, things aren’t going particularly well for Apple as they have come under attack multiple times lately, and apparently are no longer the force that they were before. This of course has put off a whole lot of consumers, and even businesses are getting worried about Apple’s security measures, or the lack of.

What Seems to be the Problem?

The experts on system security claim that Apple deploys almost the same security system as Microsoft Windows. These security measures had proved to be pretty good as they dealt with the threats easily in the past. However, most recent threats cannot be handled through the old ways. After being a safe haven for a long time, it seems that Apple got complacent and didn’t upgrade their security measures as fast as they should have. A company as big as Apple had to know that they will be a huge target for the hackers, and even when they knew about the issues that could be exploited by the hackers, their response appears to be quite sluggish.

How Did Apple Survive This Long?

It is not a hidden fact that Windows has more users than Apple, and this has been one of the main reasons for the latter to be able to survive for this long. Hackers prefer to target a platform with the larger user-base and Microsoft had it. However, now that Apple has a huge fan base as well, their products have also moved within the scope of hackers.

One of the experts on security, Dr. Steven Furrell, has this to say about Apple Security:

“While Apple has acted to address problems (e.g. adding more explicit malware protection within OS X), their responsiveness needs to keep pace with the growing nature of the threats against their platforms. The fact that Mac-based attacks still make headlines because they are Mac-based attacks shows that incidents targeting the platform remain relatively rare. So, overall I think it is still safer, insofar as it still gets less attention, but safer doesn’t mean immune.”

Are they improving?

Apple didn’t seem to think that hackers could breach their security. However, now they have learnt their lessons and are working on revamping their security measures. This includes taking care of the bugs that were being exploited by the hackers, and closing the holes in defenses that are been brought to their attention. Security has been one of the main reasons why people opt for Apple products and the tech giant is well aware of this. This is why they are working day in and day out to ensure that the hacking incidents that have occurred in the recent past don’t happen again.

Therefore, organizations shouldn’t really be too concerned about using Apple products. The company seems committed to reinforcing the defenses of its OS and devices, and judging by its track record, it won’t rest easy until the job is done.