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Ad-Blocking Apps: What makes them so Special


Advertisements are a major source of revenues for a large number of companies and even developers, but they are really annoying for internet users. They do not only increase the page load time, but also decreases device speed, leaving the user angry and irritated. Apple considered this issue and came up with a unique offering in the latest version of its operating system. The ad-blocking feature in iOS 9 is like a wave of fresh air. Not long after the OS arrived, the ad-blocking app managed to reach up the top in the paid app charts, thus highlighting its strong demand. This was hardly a surprise, considering the many benefits of such kind of app. In case you don’t know yet, there are several advantages of using ad-blocking apps, some of which are explained below.

Improves Device Performance

Nothing is more frustrating than a dead battery, especially when you are away from home. Luckily, ad blockers have found a solution for this problem by identifying internet and particularly page load times as the main culprit. What it does is it decreases the page load time of the website, which automatically saves battery life. So, if internet browsing is the major reason behind the faster consumption of your device’s battery, then ad blockers are what you need. Most of the browsers are already offering an ad-blocking extension, but you have to install it manually. Also, there is a new feature in iOS 9 that allows its users to install an ad-blocking app from App Store.

Make Devices Safer to Use

Many users who have adware, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses and various other forms of malware on their devices are unaware of it. The malware secretly gets access to the device data, including their personal and financial information, compromising their security and leaving them exposed to serious threats. Unfortunately, most of the viruses fail to provide protection against the malware mainly because they are hidden in different ads. Ad-blocking app blocks the malware and adware along with the ads, thus making the device safe to use.

Enhances User Experience

The most irritating feeling is when you are playing your favorite game on your device or watching a video online, and suddenly a pop-up or banner ad appears. Sometimes, the ads are so embarrassing that we are glad that no one else is watching them with us. Fortunately, you can block all these ads by installing an ad-blocking app on your device.

Ad-blocking apps are a must-have for all your devices as they not only enhance user experience, but also improve the working of your device.