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5 Ways in Which Malware Can Enter Your PC


Malware threat is growing bigger with each passing day. The hackers are continuously releasing new kinds of malware on the web and people are becoming its victim rather easily. Hackers are pretty smart and use different methods to sneak in the malware on to users’ computers. Most of the users on the other hand are quite careless as they take the bait and invite malware into their digital devices. Depending on the type of PC malware that has snuck into your computer, you can either be in really big trouble or just in trouble. Not a single malware is harmless, which is why you must always be careful. If you are unaware of how malware sneaks into your PC, then keep on reading as we have revealed five most common ways through which malware makes its way into your computer.

Fake Download Icons

If you have been using internet for some time, then you must have come across a page that shows more than one option to download a single software. This makes things a whole lot confusing for the users as they end up clicking on the wrong button. This installs certain software on your computer which will start to spread PC malware. This is the most common way of spreading malware, which is why you must always be careful and should only download software you want from the official websites.


Although different platforms have done what they can to get rid of spam altogether, but it is you who has to hit the final blow. However, the problem is that not a lot of people are well versed in emails as they become easy targets. The hackers send a spam email containing a malicious file to different accounts. If the users are careful, they can avoid this danger altogether. However, if the users aren’t too careful and download the malicious attachment file, then the malware will sneak into their computers.

Permission to Bypass Firewall

You will encounter a lot of software on the web that will ask you to disable firewall and antivirus for them to download. Such software come with some exciting offers such as a free game, free music player, free movie, free mobiles, etc. Greediness takes hold of the users and they actually disable the firewall to download the software. This clears up the way for malware as it can now easily sneak into your computer. Knowing that, it is advised that you don’t download anything that asks you to disable firewall.


This happens quite often as your browser starts to download something that you didn’t ask for. In most cases, these auto-downloaded files are malware, which is why you should get rid of them as soon as they are downloaded.


Often in social media, an enticing link is received which the users click on without giving too much thought. This serve as an open invitation to malware as it makes its way to your computer and starts wrecking havoc. You must always pay attention to what you are clicking on while surfing the social networking platforms because more often than not, links of these kinds show up there. By being careful while using the internet, you can save yourself a whole world of trouble.