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5 Android Apps to Track Your Lost or Stolen Phone


Smartphones have become part of our lifestyle. Almost everything we do nowadays somehow relates to our mobile phone. Due to this reason, we cannot even imagine living without our phones. However, even with this sort of attachment to them, we sometimes forget them somewhere, and then they are pretty hard to find. If you have lost your Android phone in your house then the chances are that you will eventually find it, but if you have lost your smartphone outside your home or it has been stolen, then the best way to track it is by using location tracking apps. You need to install these Android apps on your smartphone first hand to track your phone easily.

Bitdefender Anti-Theft

If your smartphone is lost or stolen, give Bitdefender Anti-Theft a try. It is a great app that allows you to track location of your smartphone in an instant. There are two options in this app. One of them allows you to activate SMS control, which notifies you of your phone’s location through SMS on the provided number. The second option is of Web Control. This option enables you to use all of the app’s features using its official site.


This is another great app for tracking the location of your phone. It comes with a vast array of features that will make your life a whole lot easier. If this app is installed on your stolen phone, you can remotely hide it from the phone so that the thief doesn’t even know that it has been installed. It has a feature that will notify you if the SIM card has been changed. Furthermore, it will save phone numbers of the people that the thief calls, making it easy for you to get to the culprit even after you’ve recovered your phone.


Lookout is a feature-rich location tracking app. Not only can it locate your smartphone, it can lock it upon your command as well. If you have any important data present on the phone, then there’s also an option that allows you to erase everything remotely.


Prey is for the users who have to spend most of their time on computers. It is available for mobile devices and PCs, so you can install it on both platforms. If your phone gets stolen, you can then access the app via your computer and track your smartphone location with ease. Apart from tracking the location, Prey allows you to activate a loud alarm, display a custom message, and it won’t let the thief uninstall anything without your permission.

Android Device Manager

This is an official Google app that utilizes the features of Google Map. Once registered, your phone will always be tracked, and if by chance it gets lost or stolen, you can look up its location easily with the help of Google Maps. You can also lock your device, make it ring loudly, and erase your data to protect your privacy. This is an easy to use app and the best part is that it’s tied to your Google account, which means you don’t have to create a new one just for the sake of this app.