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3 Reasons to Introduce BYOD Policy in your Company


The idea of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is usually shot down instantly by some employers because of the misconception that if the employee brings their own device to work, they will just keep on wasting their time on it instead of concentrating on work. What they don’t realize here is that the employees can do the same on office computers as well. Interesting, allowing employees to work on their personal devices seem to have a positive impact on their productivity, an observation that has pushed many companies to adopt the BOYD policy. If you and others like you are still unsure about which side of the fence you want to stand on, here are a few things you should be aware of.

Reduce Costs

The biggest advantage of BYOD culture is the cost reduction. There is nothing businesses love more than saving some money and this practice allows them to achieve that without doing anything at all. Almost everyone nowadays owns their own digital gadgets and employers can work it to their advantage by deploying the BYOD policy. You as an employer will save a lot of resources as you will not be obligated to purchase a new computer or laptop for each individual that joins your organization. If you have a big enough company, then you can think of removing the BYOD policy, but if you are running a small or medium enterprise, then the best course of action would be to think about survival first and foremost. The survival of an organization obviously relies on the resources that are available at hand, and by removing this expenditure, a large sum of money can be made available.

Comfort Zone

Apart from reducing costs, BYOD is convenient for the employees as well. They have spent days, months or even years on their computers, and through all this usage, they have learnt how it works, what are its faults, where the key files are located, where to keep important stuff, etc. With employees bringing the same device to workplace, they will be able to adapt rather easily and quickly. This will not only put the employees in their comfort zone straight away, but will also be beneficial for your company as you will be able to gain output out from new employees without waiting for them to become accustomed to their new workplace.

Less IT Issues

If you are running a company where you have given out your own devices, then you must be familiar with a plethora of issues that keep popping up from time to time. Almost every single day, some employee encounters an issue on office devices, thus creating a need for a handful of IT experts in the company. However, by deploying BYOD practice, you will be removing the need for too many IT experts. All the problems brought with employees’ devices will stay with them and you will not have to worry about anything. The IT staff that you do have will then be free to focus on the workplace’s internal network and its security.