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3 Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About Malware


If you search about malware on the web, you will come across a lot of stuff, some of which will make sense while some won’t. There is a lot that people still don’t know about them and pseudo-experts on security try to capitalize on that. Some give out the exaggerated version of its threat, while some say that there’s no threat at all. Well, both of them aren’t wrong, but they aren’t completely spot on either. There is just so much information that they are missing out on. Realizing how misleading discussions regarding malware have become, we decided to outline some facts about it.

Malware Threat is Blown out of Proportion

There’s no questioning the fact that malware threat is present, but more often than not, it is blown out of proportion. People make it sound like it’s everywhere and that your life will be over once it manages to sneak. In reality, that is not the case. How many people do you actually know that succumb to any kind of malware threat at all? If people remain careful with their internet usage, they can literally avoid malware for life. It isn’t as big of a threat as it is made out to be and you don’t need to download four or five antiviruses just to feel secure. Just relax and go about your internet usage as usual.

A Little Caution is All You Need to Avoid Malware

Everyone acts pretty casually when using the internet. You visit random sites, download random torrents, pirate almost everything that you possibly can, download software from third party stores, etc. Keep using the internet this way if you wish to, but at least exercise due caution to avoid landing yourself in complicated circumstances. You have to know if the torrent you are downloading, music file that you just clicked, or the third-party stores you have chosen for your download are safe. If you don’t remain vigilant, then you will only have yourself to blame in case of a malware intrusion. The bottom line is that if you are careful about your internet usage, you can avoid malware threat altogether.

Malware Intrusion is Your Own Fault

Despite having become so advanced over the years, malware still requires a helping hand to jump from one platform to another. In most cases, this assistance is provided to it by none other than the internet user themselves. Failing to exercise even the most basic internet safety measures such as avoiding untrustworthy websites, staying away from unknown or fishy links, downloading software and applications from secure or reputable distribution platforms, and keeping an antivirus installed and updated on the web-connected device would surely land you in malware trouble sooner or later. A moment of negligence or carelessness is all it takes to invite malware into a device and leave it compromised. The more casual you become towards online safety measures, the greater would be the malware risk.