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3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know about Mobistealth for iPhone


Monitoring apps for iPhone are very much in demand lately for reasons that range from online safety of kids to protection of business interests. There may be a variety of monitoring options available online that claim to be equipped with just the right tools to address these concerns, but almost none of them measures up to the capability and reliability of Mobistealth. Although it caters to all major platforms, Mobistealth’s iPhone monitoring solution is easily its best offering.

You may have read plenty about what makes it so great and why so many parents and businesses are completely satisfied with their investment, but there may still be a few things that are still unknown to you. Knowing about these lesser known features of Mobistealth for iPhone would certainly make you view the monitoring solution with even more respect than you already do.

It supports non-jailbroken iPhone

One of the most salient features of Mobistealth that you’re unlikely to find in its rival products is its ability to work on non-jailbroken iPhone. A lot of people shy away from investing in a monitoring app because they’re not willing to tamper with their device’s firmware, which effectively increases its susceptibility to security threats and voids product warranty. Mobistealth makes this concern irrelevant by giving such people an option to keep tabs on an iPhone with a solution that doesn’t have jailbreak as a pre-requisite. All standard monitoring features are available to the user, including call logging, SMS and MMS logging, email logging, web history logging, location tracking, and so much more.

It can monitor most chat apps

Reacting to the changing trends in mobile communications, Mobistealth has expanded its scope of monitoring to cover some of the most popular chat apps of today, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, LINE, and Viber. What this means is that Mobistealth provides greater access to information than other monitoring apps that make big promises but fail to deliver on them.

It’s constantly evolving into a more powerful monitoring solution

The one thing that truly sets Mobistealth apart from its competitors is its tendency to constantly acknowledge and challenge its own limitations. Rather than sitting at one point, it keeps researching new features and integrating them into its iPhone monitoring solution to offer its users a comprehensive monitoring experience. These improvements are generally made available for free through updates and are given a thorough test run by an experienced team of software engineers and beta testers to discover and remove all the bugs before they are rolled out to the end user.

Mobistealth for iPhone certainly has done well to have read the market accurately, evolve with the passage of time, and get itself recognized as the go-to app for people from different circles of life with varying interests.