Phone Protection and GPS Tracking Software for Mobile Phones

The number of lost and stolen mobile phones has reached staggering levels. People carry mobile phones with them everywhere they go, increasing the chances of loss and theft. In today’s digital age most of the time the data contained on cell phones includes sensitive corporate information and personal identity. This information can be illegally used by anyone before you know it. So to protect your identity, personal data and precious phone, MobiStealth cell phone gps tracking software is ideal for you.

MobiStealth cell phone spy software runs in stealth mode and remains completely hidden. It automatically detects any new data on your phone like new SMS, new contact etc, and backs it up to your account at Mobistealth web site. So now your data is safe and secure even if you lose your mobile. It also constantly monitors for any SIM card changes and commands that you can send via SMS. Following is the complete features list of MobiStealth cell phone tracking software.

Locate and Track iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia and Windows Mobile Phone

Whenever stealer changes SIM of your stolen mobile phone, MobiStealth cell phone location tracking software will automatically send a notification to your predefined phone number that SIM has changed and new Mobile number will also be texted to you. Following is the complete list of features that you can use to track and recover your mobile:

  • SIM change notification and new mobile number of stolen phone through SMS. Notification number can be set any number of times through your account at MobiStealth.
  • Phone’s current location in reply to secret SMS. The body of secret text message can be set through your account at MobiStealth. You can change it any number of times.
  • Phone’s current location at Mobistealth website.
  • Complete location history of phone at Mobistealth website.
  • Location reporting even if GPS is turned off or is unavailable. In the absence of GPS signals MobiStealth will report exact location of nearest mobile tower through which phone is connected to the network.

Data BackUp for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia & Windows Mobile Phone

MobiStealth cell phone tracking software provides fully automatic backup of data on your cell phone without any human interaction after first setup. It will detect any new data and will immediately upload it to your account at Mobistealth. Following is the list of data that will be backed up:

  • Sent/received text messages and their details
  • Incoming/outgoing call details
  • Contacts
  • Web history
  • Website bookmarks
  • Calendar/appointment details
  • Pictures
  • Videos

All communication between the server and cell phone is encrypted. So data is transferred securely.

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