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  • Advanced Features
  • Email Logging
  • Live Listening to Surroundings/Spy call
  • Picture Logging
  • Record Surroundings
  • Video Logging**
  • WhatsApp Messenger Logging
  • Standard Features
  • Browser History Logging
  • Call History Logging
  • Contact Details
  • SMS Logging
  • Location and Security
  • GPS Tracking
  • Tracking without GPS
  • Pro

  • N/A
  • $79.99
  • $119.99
  • Lite

  • N/A
  • $39.99
  • $59.99

Call Recording of Pro-X Version is supported on selective phones. If call recording doesn't work on any phone then 20% of the purchased price will be refunded to Pro-X users and license will be downgraded to Pro.


If you have any confusion then please contact us at support



We have six dedicated outside sales reps and after noticing sales steadily decline for six months, we decided to install Mobistealth to find out why. On the very first day, we used the software to track all six sales reps to a restaurant about 10 minutes from our location. We then engaged Spy Call and listened to all six sales reps complain about anything and everything—for 3 hours! Thank you Mobistealth—you helped us identify our problem on the first day!

Jack Dangers

Marketing Corp.