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Mobistealth MSN Spy And Sniffer Gives You Peace of Mind

Mobistealth MSN Spy is ideal for concerned Parents and worried employers who want to monitor activities of kids and employees on computers. Many people aren't sure what to do when they find themselves in situations where their kids or employees are trying to dupe them - we all go through it and we all have to deal with it. The smart ones out of us take measures against getting easily duped, one such measure is the Mobistealth MSN Sniffer. It is an easy to use MSN Spy with exciting features such as:

  • View both Incoming and Outgoing chats
  • View chat timestamps
  • View MSN usernames and email addresses
  • Complete Stealth Mode
  • View Chats Remotely

The MSN Sniffer records and observes each and every chat that the target user commences or replies to. All their conversations are available for review, with detail on the messages that were sent and received. You can even check the exact time that the messages were exchanged through the time stamps, in addition to confirming which users took part in chat.

Superior Stealth Mode

Mobistealth has been developed especially to spy MSN messengers of kids’ and employees using company owned computers. The Superior Stealth Mode ensures that it can’t be tampered by tech-savvy kids.

View Chat Logs Remotely

Worried that your kids will not let you view their chat logs? You can breathe easy with the MSN Messenger Spy which allows you to check all chat logs remotely without having to go anywhere near the target PC.

Monitor MSN with Easy-to-use Interface

Not particularly tech savvy? Can't really find your way around a computer? You don't need to shy away from the MSN Spy because it's built with one of the most easy to use interfaces around. The convenience and comfort of the end user was kept in mind while designing it and you can rest assured you won't get bogged down by it.

Mobistealth is much more than a MSN Sniffer

Often people find themselves in need of a good MSN Sniffer. Their teenagers could be sneaking out or their employees could be leaking out company secrets. The MSN Spy is an easy way to find out what's going on in someone's head right? Not always, that's why MobiStealth offers a unique solution to those who are looking for more comprehensive information. Nothing escapes MobiStealth's eye, in addition to having one of the most efficient MSN monitor around, MobiStealth offers plenty of useful options to monitor computer activities of children and employees. MobiStealth can help you to remotely view browsing history, easily track the location of your desired target PC, deliver screen shots, log all the keystrokes and much more. Don't settle for just MSN sniffer when you can use MobiStealth to find out so much more.

Spy MSN Messenger with Following Advanced Features

Keystroke Log
spy msn messenger keystrokes

Mobistealth records every single keystroke typed on computer which can be viewed remotely.

Screen Shots
track MSN with screen shot feature

Mobistealth automatically takes a screen shot whenever the screen changes so you can see what sites have been visited, what programs were used, etc.

Yahoo Chat Log
 Yahoo chat logging through monitor MSN

Mobistealth is not just a MSN Spy. It gives you complete Yahoo Messenger chat logs as well.

MSN Chat Log
msn logging through PC Monitoring Software

Spy MSN Messenger with Mobistealth and view detailed MSN chat logs remotely.

Location Reporting
 MSN Messenger Spy location reporting feature

For laptops and PCs, Mobistealth provides real-time location reporting which no other MSN monitor provides.

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