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Top 3 Apps to Remotely View Someone’s Text Messages


SMS monitoring apps are in huge demand nowadays because people are pretty curious to know about one another. Insecure boyfriend wants to know who his girlfriend has been texting on her phone, and sometimes it’s the other way around. Parents want to keep tabs on their kids’ mobile communications to make sure they aren’t exchanging inappropriate messages, and employers want to keep an eye on employees’ phone usage to discourage excessive workplace texting. We could go on about the usage of text messaging monitoring apps for hours, but we understand that you are not here to know that. What you are probably interested to know is what are some of the best apps available right now to keep tabs on text messages. You are in luck because we have got just the list for you.


Mobistealth is a simple to use, user-friendly app that enables you to see entire SMS conversations taking place on someone else’s phone with ease. You just have to download the app on their device and you’re good to go. You are shown all the information you need on its user-friendly dashboard. You can see what kind of messages someone is receiving and sending, the phone number of the sender or recipient, the date of those messages, and even the time at which they were sent or received. One of the best things about this cell phone monitoring solution is that it can do its job without requiring any kind of physical access to the device (valid only for iPhone). All of these features combine to make Mobistealth an amazing tool for all types of users.


mSpy functions a lot like Mobistealth. You are able to see all the SMS sent and received on the target phone, including their details. These include everything from the phone numbers and time stamps. If you are a parent looking to keep an eye on your kids’ device, then it might not be that big of an issue. However, doing that on your partner’s phone would certainly not be an easy task. As for deploying mSpy on employees’ smartphones, that would hardly be a problem if you incorporate text monitoring into the official cell phone company policy.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is another brilliant tool for keeping tabs on someone’s text messages without them noticing. This app gives you full control over the SMS thread on your target’s device, allowing you to see each and every text they have sent and received. Furthermore, you will be able to see the timing and date, along with the number of the person they are in contact with.

So in terms of functionality, all of the apps work pretty much the same, but Mobistealth has an edge for being user-friendly and being able to work on iPhone without the pre-requisite of physical access to the device. If you have never made use of a monitoring app before, then you should consider giving one of the apps mentioned in the list a try. You won’t be disappointed.



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