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Why You Should Not Tolerate Texting in the Workplace


Cell phones have taken the form of electronic drugs, raising a serious concern for employers. This gives them no option but to use a text message tracker to get access to the inbound and outbound text messages on their phone with the sole purpose of discouraging wastage of time on non-work conversations. If you are among those broad-minded and lenient employers who do not see any harm in employee’s texting in the workplace, then you are probably not aware of the harm it does to your business and workplace culture. It’s time you learn the damage employee texting can cause.


The major reason allowing texting in the workplace is a bad idea is because it causes distraction among employees. Just consider for a moment, an employee is writing an email to a potential client for convincing him to do business with your company, and he suddenly gets a message from his spouse saying hi. This simple conversation starts by asking common questions like did you reach office on time, did you eat your lunch, etc. to where should we go this weekend. This will take away all this attention and he might keep thinking about his spouse or the coming weekend for the next few minutes as well, completely losing focus on the pressing task at hand. Of course, getting distracted can lead to even bigger problems, like negligence for instance.

Decreased Productivity

How can you expect an employee to perform his job tasks efficiently and effectively when his mind is thousands of miles away from the office, thinking about the person he is texting? The situation becomes worse when it is a creative or technical job as the employee is physically present in the office, but his mind is stuck somewhere else. Well, you might know now why most of your employees show lower productivity despite several years of experience and extraordinary skills. You need not to worry as the good thing is that you can still increase the productivity of employees up to a great extent just by restricting the use of cell phones during office hours. As a matter of fact, a large number of scientific studies have proven this fact.

Increased Company Expense

Do you know your employees are causing you losses of several thousand dollars every year? Let’s do some calculations to show a rather clear picture. Let’s say your employees spend 10 minutes a day on texting. This may not seem a big deal, but it really is. If we multiply it with 260 work days, then we get 2,600 minutes for 12 months or in other words 43.3 hours. What you have to do is multiply the hourly rate of your employees with this figure, and you will know how much money this single habit of employees is costing you. These figures are usually in three to four digits for medium to large organizations.

Wastage of Precious Time

You are paying your employees to work, not to exchange messages with friends and family. The conversation which starts with a hi and hello turns into a detailed discussion within a matter of minutes and employees spend hour texting without realizing that every minute they spend in the office counts, and that their organization expects them to be sincerely working. Internet is full of real-life case studies discussing organization who observed a significant increase in employee performance just by banning the use of cell phones or turning to a text message tracker for some discipline. It’s the time you follow the same policy, otherwise these little chats will never end.

Office Environment Affected

Office has a certain decorum which needs to be maintained. Just think what image will your client get about your organization if he sees your employees texting on mobile phones during working hours? The first impression he will get is that it is not a professional organization, and that there are no rules and regulations in the company. Do you want others to get this image when it really isn’t true? Leave the clients aside, let’s talk about a new employee who just joined your organization. He will definitely follow his colleagues. Do you have any idea where your organization will move if you do not stop this activity in time?

Texting in the workplace is against the work ethics and also harmful to your business concerns, which is why you should strictly prohibit it during working hours or at least discourage the employees from indulging in it way too much.



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