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Parents take time to monitor child’s cell phone use


Parents of teens in this day and age are fully aware of how inseparable kids and their cell phones are. However, it is important for parents to develop guidelines for cell phone use, so the teen does not spend their entire day texting their friends, according to The Reporter News.

“They were in the same room and were all texting each other,” Mark Young of the Abilene Boys and Girls Club and father of six, told the news source. “Kids need to look each other in the eye and have an actual conversation and learn those social skills.”

Setting up times when the cell phone is not permitted is key. If a child grows up knowing a specific time is made for family, they are more likely to put away their mobile device for the time being. However, parents have to abide by the rule as well, otherwise the kids will not take it seriously, according to the media outlet.

Also, the parent should limit the amount of texts the teen can send. The news outlet suggests the parent installs controls that only allows a certain number of texts or shuts off the feature during certain time periods.

Often, teens do not understand the idea of privacy and why in some cases parents have to keep tabs on what is being said. Installing parental monitoring software or checking up on what a child is using their phone for is imperative for some rare, but scary cases. According to The New York Times, a flirting application is now banned for minors, after three men have been accused of raping children they met through the application, which was designed for flirting between adults. The application, Skout, had these men posing as teenagers through the application.

“I’m disgusted by what’s happened here,” Christian Wiklund, Skout’s founder, told the news source. “One case is too many. When you have three, it looks like a pattern. This is my worst fear.”

Wiklund was then forced to ban minors from using the application, even though they were a significant portion of the members, the media outlet reports.

Parents need to be aware that predators may be trying to contact a teen through the internet or their mobile device. Installing parental monitoring software can help ensure the child is not talking to anyone inappropriate.



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